Work Environment and Relationships: The workplace, a space of creation and development

Sep 29, 2020




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a. Katerina Chatzaki, Life & Business Coach
Topic: “Employment relationships as a means to personal and spiritual development.”

What are the current conditions in the workplace? How much does a work environment affect the performance and mental health of its employees? How can problems that arise in a work environment be used as a springboard for an individual’s development? What is the role of spirituality of individuals? I will try to answer these and other relevant questions in my speech, with the aim of creating awareness and helping to improve the daily life that one experiences in the workplace.

b. Enrique Simo, Life & Business Coach, trainer in management skills and meditation teacher
Topic: To be announced

c. Bill Simo, Life & Business Coacher
Topic: “The importance of wellbeing at workplace”

Workers as well as managers need to learn to take care of themselves in an increasingly demanding and stressful environment. And this means that there is a need of paying more attention to self-development, developing practices like mindfulness that can be very useful to sustain a better balance and personal wellbeing.

Coordinator: Lena Korasidou, Synthetic Counsellor of Mental Health

  • Katerina Chatzaki

  • Bill Simo

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