Mental Health: “Psychological Resilience: The journey of Odysseus”

Sep 1, 2020




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a. Christos Pezirkianidis, Military psychologist, Doctor of Positive Counselling Psychology
Topic: “Psychological resilience: The ability to successfully cope with adversity”

Psychological resilience describes an individual’s ability to adapt successfully each time he/she experiences significant adversity and to return to previous levels of mental, physical, and social functioning. In order for a person to face a difficulty successfully, he/she needs to employ a number of protective factors, which will facilitate his/her positive adjustment. He/She needs to address his/her positive relationships, apply his/her abilities and skills and consciously activate various psychological mechanisms, so that he/she not only adapts but goes one step further in post-traumatic growth. This lecture aims to discuss the main protective mechanisms of individuals, such as experiencing positive emotions, presence of meaning in life, gratitude and positive relationships with others.

b. Dr Karakasidou Eirini, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology of Panteion University, Psychotherapist
Topic: “Mindfulness: The Here-and-Now Existence”

These last years the concept of mindfulness has literally overwhelmed psychology.
But what is mindfulness and how does someone apply it
The concept of mindfulness comes from eastern thought and philosophy and although it is often considered identical with meditation, it is much more than a meditative technique. The most common definition is that mindfulness is related with the awareness that arises when we focus our attention, intently and non-judgementally on the current experience as it unfolds from moment to moment. That is, mindfulness concerns a particular way through which we relate with our experiences , simply by observing them as they happen, as phenomena, without processing them intellectually or attaching to them intellectual and emotional reactions, judgements or evaluations.

Coordinators: Eleni Panayiotakopoulou, Christina Apostolopoulou

  • Christos Pezirkianidis

  • Dr Eirini Karakasidou

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