Mental Health: Principles, Values and Spirituality in Relationships

Sep 3, 2020




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a. Konstantinos Christos Daoultzis, PhD candidate of Social Psychology, Panteion University, MSc Cognitive Neuropsychology, BA Psychology, Member of o Hellenic Psychological Society, Member of Brain Awareness Week (Dana Organization)

Topic: “The story after the tale: the case study of Snow White”

Snow White years after she got married to the prince and they lived happily ever after in an enormous castle without parents-in-law began to get bored of her obligations as a princess. Playing cards, balls and parties, gossips and countless dresses became a huge burden that she simply kept on bearing for the sake of the social roles and her love for the prince, while she desperately wanted to draw some water from the well talking to birds and animals (maybe also to hang out with dwarfs). Jealousy began to siege her when her beloved prince met a girl -not more attractive than Snow White, “the fairest of them all” – but younger. The prince often disappears for days, Snow White waits for him to return in vain and the story ends with the prince spending his nights elsewhere while being indifferent to everything that happens at his castle-house and Snow White spending her days working as a slave, constantly cursing her evil stepmother. Until, unexpectedly, one glorious afternoon, a young, charming and handsome hunter asks her to drink some water from her well, winking at her urging her “on a new fairytale to begin”.

b. Mike George, Writer (Books focussed on Self Awareness and Spiritual Intelligence)

Topic: “Beyond the limits of the Ego”

Understand the ego and you will understand almost everything. You will understand why you are frequently stressed and suffering unnecessarily. You will understand why the world is so fragmented and few people are optimistic about the future. And you will understand why people find themselves in all kinds of conflict and why the blame game reigns supreme.

Coordinators: Eleni Panayiotakopoulou, George Krallis

  • Konstantinos Christos Daoultzis

  • Mike George

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