Environment “Human Values and their effect on the Environment”

Sep 10, 2020



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a. Joachim Pilz, Advisor in Renewable Energy, Brahma Kumaris & and Head of Project “India One” solar thermal power project by World Renewal Spiritual Trust

Topic: “Healthy Mind and Healthy Planet – A new way of thinking together with clean energy create a better world”

The current distressing state of the world is the consequence of the past actions of humanity. We believe that technical and political solutions to the challenges we now face are not enough. There needs to be a radical change in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world – a realisation that the world will only change when we change the way we relate to ourselves, others and nature. By changing our consciousness and re-connecting with our inner spirit, we will naturally and spontaneously want to make the world a cleaner, healthier, safer and more beautiful place in which human beings, and other creatures, can live together in peace and harmony.

b. Marios Desyllas, Agronomist, Consultant for Organic, Biodynamic and Homeodynamic Agriculture

Topic: “The value of gratitude as a bridge between the urban and rural world: the change of agriculture and food”

What we are experiencing today is our disconnection from Nature and consequently our alienation from where and how our food is produced. The result of this fragmentation is that our food comes from a cold, industrial-type process, with means and practices that degrade its quality. Gratitude for all the factors of our food production, from the elements of nature to the beneficial microbes of the soil, but also the people who work to cultivate it in the field or to prepare it, can on the one hand “transform” the food, here and now, but also to trigger – accompanied by the corresponding actions and initiatives – the changes that need to be made throughout the agri-food chain!

Coordinators: Kostas Stavropoulos, Dimitra Pilichou

  • Golo Joachim Pilz

  • Marios Dessyllas

  • Dimitra Pilichou

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