Education: “Relating inside the School community and interacting with the local society”

Sep 20, 2020




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a. Anna Polemikou, PhD, Neuropsychologist – Psychotherapist, Adjunct Lecturer, University of the Aegean
Topic: “The challenge of Humanistic Education: Concerns, latest developments and practical applications.”

Unlike other learning approaches, where authority includes the educational environment, the sociopolitical situation, dominant dogmas, and individual circumstances, Humanistic Education revolves around the learner as the main source of authority. It endorses a learner-centered approach, whereby the student him/herself chooses what and how to learn. Likewise, the educational process is perceived as each learner’s personal attempt to realize his/her own potential, whereas the role of the humanistic teacher is to render the learning experience meaningful and useful, so that it may be applied to a multitude of different situations.
According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there is mounting evidence that humanistic psychology, a dominant force in American Psychology for a short but shining moment during the 50s and 60s, has been experiencing a spectacular renaissance. Students interest in the field is already soaring. Nevertheless, how realistic are humanism’s aspirations? Does humanistic learning reflect contemporary educational values? Does it apply to mainstream schooling curricula? Can it prepare learners for the tough and competitive world that lies ahead? Can it keep up with the rapid changes in modern society? And, lastly, can the Humanistic Renaissance contribute toward new areas of discourse and social action?

b. Kyriakos Vlassopoulos, Educator, Psychoanalyst
Topic: “The hidden rock” in a School for empathy and responsibility: relations and words in difficult times.

What is the “hidden Curriculum” that cancels plans and good intentions in the classroom, in relationships between students, but also educators, and makes knowledge and education an impossible undertaking?
The difficult student, the weird language of teens, the Teachers lifestory and his/her exhaustion, the “image that steals thought”, body language, symbolic violence.

Coordinators: Lena Koutsika, Christina Apostolopoulou

  • Kyriakos Vlassopoulos

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