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Sep 15, 2020




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a. Roza Trantafillidi, Preschool teacher, Forest School Leader – Level 3
Topic: “Acquaintance with the pedagogy and philosophy of Forest Schools”

What is “Forest School” and which social background did Forest School pedagogy emerge from? How does “Forest School ethos” promote holistic development in children and how can an open-air school educate and heal diseases being caused by modern life, in physical, psychological, mental, spiritual and social levels?
By getting acquainted with Forest School pedagogy we recognize the urgent need of our reconnection with nature and we are inspired to discover ways in which we can make good use of nature as a field, but also as a tool for education.

b. Valia Loutranaki, educator, representative of the group “Democratic Schools”
Topic: “Empowering the teacher – animator”

c. Fotini Dimopoulou, Educator, member of the group “Freinet’s pedagogy”
Topic: “Education through Freinet’s pedagogy”

How can a school be part of the greater community? How can children experience the joy of initiative, of creation and free expression through the institutions of the school? Influenced by the pedagogical philosophy of Celestin Freinet, the institutional and Critical pedagogy, educators from all over Greece are uniting and creating loci of cooperation and citizenship using as a tool the natural way of learning.

Coordinator: Lena Koutsika

  • Roza Triantafyllidi

  • Fotini Dimopoulou

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