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Sep 27, 2020




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a. Dr Spiros Kontopoulos, Architect, Researcher

Topic: “The Mathematical Structure of Consciousness”

The Mathematical Structure of Consciousness is analyzed in nine fields related to the beginning of the material apparent creation, which is defined by the principles of non-apparent Monism and by the phenomena of Unification.
Included in this reasoning are all the modern physical and mathematical sciences, which are composed mainly of one of the nine fields of consciousness.
Other structures related to the nine fields of consciousness are those of the causal universe and therefore of the variable energy fields that govern them.
The human intellect is also part of these nine structures, playing the most important role in their distinction and experience.

b. Prof. Minas Kafatos, Physicist, Cosmologist, Writer

Topic: “Science, Reality & Everyday Life”

There will be an exploration of Reality, that examines Truth scientifically, philosophically (mainly from the point of view of the Trinitarian, non-binary system) whose beginning was ancient India. This exploration will be done with “western” philosophical concepts, mainly of Plato, Socrates and Heraclitus. We will see some parallels between Trinity and religion. The Trinitarian System is not a religion. It does not deny religion, it does not replace, it does not substitute religion. It also does not replace, it does not substitute science. I believe that the Trinitarian System helps us to see the deepest meaning of religion, if we believe, and the deepest meaning of science, if we research. But the most important thing is that it may help us to see that these two “poles” are not opposite but that they are complementary. Of course, it does not go against any philosophy, ancient or modern, because it says that everything in a sense, despite all the apparent dualities, has the same Source.

Coordinator: Giorgos Anastasopoulos – George Krallis

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