Festival 2020

Dear friends,

First, we would like to wish you health and strength during this trial of the pandemic, that is still ongoing.

Those of you that have had, and are still having difficulties, bodily and psychologically, even more if you have been “touched” by the virus, should be well informed by the authorities and use any means to take care and fortify yourselves.

The Humanlinks team is in the pleasant position to announce its 3rd festival for mental health, which is organised every September and takes place during the entirety of the month, that this year for reasons of protection of the public it will take place online through the ZOOM platform.

The festival’s theme is “Person – Society – Institutions: Connections and Collaboration in a Changing World”, and has been chosen in order to emphasize the concept of connection and the benefits of collaboration in a world that is rapidly changing.

It will focus on Four subject areas, which Humanlinks have an interest in and develop programmes about.

1.Mental Health, with emphasis on psychological resilience and our relationship with our self and others.

2. The Environment, attempting to show the importance of a deeper understanding and approach of our relationship with it.

3. Education, as a part of a process that connects the directly participating members, and the interaction with the community, as well as the presentation of alternative forms of education.

4. The search for and exploration of Consciousness, from the perspective of Science, mainly Neuroscience and Physics.

To each Subject area corresponds a week of events that will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 20.00 until 21.30, and Sunday mornings, from 11.00 until 13.30.

During the organising meetings, a fifth section came to the fore, that of The Work Environment, to which two days at the end of the festival were given. This subject matter will be explored more fully in our next festivals.

Our guests are respected scientists and professionals, with a profound experience, each in his/her area of expertise, but mostly are synchronised with the vision and desire of Humanlinks for a more sincere and more beautiful world.

In our website’s programme page there will be the corresponding link, where everyone could attend the event which interests them.

You can find our contact information on the website, where you can reach us and we will be happy to reply to every question you have, or you can leave a comment that could make us improve.

All the events are open to the public.
Thank you, and see you on the web’s windows!


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