Humanlinks Festival September 2020 - Festival for Mental Health

Subject: “Person – Societies – Institutions: Connections and Collaborations in a changing World”

Mental Health

Relations with the self and others in a world that is changing, through the cultivation of psychological resilience and enrichment with principles and values.


Human values and their effect on the environment. The prospects of a therapeutic relationship between the environment and man. People, Societies, environment: “Restoration of a relationship in crisis”.


Relating inside the school community and interaction with the local society, alternative forms of applied pedagogy and life values in the family and education.

Consciousness – Science

The search for the experience of consciousness.

Work Environment and Relations

A deeper approach to the professional field, focusing on relations of collaboration and the management of work fatigue with an aim to a positive atmosphere, satisfaction and well-being.





The attitude of the people in the area has significant contributed to remove the sigma and to enhances the therapeutic prices of the group. The idea of the festival with its celebratory atmosphere aims to become a message of coexistence and love in all the city. The area is open to that idea and the residents have accepted with enthusiasm recognizing how important and necessary it is.
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